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I am still figuring out how to post images!!

What...This Old Dish Rag?
Original designs, hand printed as though you are a super star, yet completely affordable and usable and washable, like you are a normal person living a regular life that can be somewhat messy at times! Add class to your every day! 100% cotton, machine-washable, totally abuse-able!

Citizen's T-shirt campaign! Perhaps you have an idea but you just feel that you can't express it properly? Perhaps an image is worth a thousand words? Let's talk. These babies are great for venting and available for sale! Basic white T's, machine-washable, S, M and L.

Uttering Sputtering Robots
Fantastically fun wooden blocks with robots that can only communicate a thought in one-syllable utterances. This is an ongoing series. Designs are hand printed from a lino-cut key block and silkscreen color stencil. 3 1/2 x 3".

Up-cycled Clothing
Anything posted on this site is for sale, OR, if you want to send me an old item, I can customize it in a similar way to what you see here with silkscreened designs. All garments are washable according to original manufacturer's recommendations...the printed designs require no special attention.

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 Please allow a minimum of 10 days for shipping, and more for custom orders. Special delivery dates can be met...let's talk! 908-675-1746
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