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MollyMAE is a line of fun, thought provoking, beautiful goodies originally designed and hand printed by me (artist Molly Gaston Johnson) in my studio, Social Animal Press, Ocean Grove, New Jersey. 

Please contact me directly...

  • by phone: 908-675-1746 (this is preferred...hey...I like to do things the old-school way, and this personal touch is what my products are all about. Text or call.) 
  • or by e-mail: mvbgj1115@hotmail.com

...to place an order or inquire about collaborating on custom designs.

Here are but some of the possibilities:

  • What...This Old Dish Rag? Sack Cloth Dish Towels  (diminish your use of paper towels...with STYLE)...totally functional around the house towers that get better with age and use...just like we do!
  • DemocraTEES: T-Shirt Citizen's Campaign...CHeck out what people are wanting to express...as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Uttering Sputtering Robot Toys: They speak for themselves...fun, hand-crafted and printed wooden toys: no batteries required!
  • Just for ME?!: I have collaborated with restarateurs, theater companies, choreographers, interior designers, event planners, and upstanding citizens like YOU to create hand crafted tables, invitations, costumes, puppets, wall papers, murals, revamped clothing and more.
Let's Talk!
Text or call 908-675-1746 for more information.

About Us
 Remember: I am happiest in my studio working on fun new things, so please feel free to call me: it is the best way to get my immediate attention, and I am very happy to help you place an order or customize a special request.
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